Finding Self Through Words And Phrases.

Poetic Recovery is Open Mic and cultural space where different artists connect for cultural exchange and encourage healing to facilitate connecting ,build community, and cultural healing from social political issues, trauma through reading, cultural expressions, other and performances by those who love and need to express themselves for release and those who love to listen in a safe cultural space where we facilitate, connecting ,building, and healing community though cultural expression from social political and domestic trauma.

While Poetic Recovery is a space created for conscious artists and people in all aspects of recovery to be heard and supported while releasing honest emotions from pent up trauma, aggression, and love experienced during their life’s journey via cultural expression. This cultural display is enjoyed and supported by all.

While Poetic Recovery not an event or entertainment company it is the work of Maurice Taylor A.K.A Maurice “Soulfighter” Taylor to promote cultural healing and cultural ownership of Black and Brown (Enslaved and Indigenous nations and our allies) communities and our allies agreeing and networking to create a cultural space to promote cultural healing via our cultural expression pillaged from us via greed and oppression. In appreciation of such support then founder does his best to promote and share the word of artist work based on the frequency of participation and the kind of support artists give. All support and participation is acknowledged within his capacity.

Founded and designed by Maurice "Soulfighter" Taylor.

1: Original Works only.

2: Constructive criticism only.

3: No advertisement of any kind.

4: We are hear to strengthen each other cultural expression via rule number 2.

5: Members who use the group to post their respectful cultural expression and constructively criticize others can join the page and advertise their work via the group page which is www.facebook.com/poeticrecoveryarts

6: Members that follow rule 5, will be interviewed on our radio show.

7: Only members can post their own original works in the group.

Rules maybe be added to ensure that artists and the group are respected by all member of Poetic Recovery group with is a project of Community Against Hate network. No one may use the name of Poetic Recovery or Community Against Hate without the written permission of Maurice Taylor founder of Community Against Hate and Poetic Recovery.

If you have any question you may join the group and add me or join our page which is stated above and add me at www.facebook.com/poeticrecovery and send me a message.

Thank you for your respect and time.